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Notes on the Margin

I have as one of my—not larger failings, though it is preeminent in…

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I have as one of my—not larger failings, though it is preeminent in its own group—more troubling habits an outstanding inability to begin writing in anything I deem important.  The prospect daunts me.  I can construct outlines, but from the moment I begin to craft the first sentence, turning it over and over in my head like Camus's civil servant in The Plague, I am able to place to place few words before the well runs dry and I, unsatisfied, consider revisions to the meager amount that I have already written, again like the unfortunate M. Grand.

I write now in the midst of a lecture, writing’s previous importance now amusingly reversed into a distraction from the incomprehensible tedium.

That, in brief, explains everything.  Anything it does not explain is not worth knowing.  From my sputtering start on the GMAT to the slow, if erratic more than glacial, rate of posting.

There, I assuage your vanity, revealing that my concern for your regard of me is paramount in my thoughts and considerations.  I offer these small sketches as a way to win your favor; consider them as little tokens for your enjoyment that I offer with a desire to supplicate.

I have begun imitating Clamence.  The end is near.

But in his spirit, I offer you that most prized item: Judgment.  A few glimpses thereof follow.

Overhead in London, at the Citigroup presentation:
Guy 1: "A pink shirt?  That's too flashy"
Guy 2: "What was he thinking?"
Guy 1: "Yeah."
Guy 2: "Yeah.  This is a banking house, not a fashion house"
Guy 1: "Yeah."
  • Hey Brantley! So WTF was that about the Metropolitan Police or what now? (As it turns out, ACF Fall told us we can go without a packet, so no biggie there) Also, re: "Grace", we finally met and went to a movie. Y'know how I was a little annoyed by her use of "coo beans" in chat? Well, that was exceeded by the pronunciation of the term "bff". Sooooo teenage-girl-like.
    Anyway, good to hear that you're still alive.
  • I was just thinking to myself, "Boy, you sound like Clamence!" when the next line showed the perspicacity of my observation....

    Great minds, and such...
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