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Notes on the Margin

Wonder, Merriment, and Life in the Bayous

Wonder, Merriment, and Life in the Bayous

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This is practically a retrospective by this point:

I spent the two weeks penultimate to leaving making my best attempt to remain in perpetual motion, a figure moving too quickly to think or to enjoy.  Somehow I spent that fortnight sleeping little, never feeling tired, and bouncing around the country.  There weere signs, naturally, of my preoccupation upon movement and making sure that no one was neglected (and to paraphrase Nappy, thus neglecting everyone).  I left for St. Louis and informal reunion with most of my friends.  I spent three days there, living an intinerant life and sleeping on a different couch every night.  Rashied commented that we saw too little of each other, which was both true and my largest regret of the trip.  This, though, I chalked up to bad timing, differing schedules, and my tardy warnings.

Somehow I'll rectify that.  Just have to figure out how.

I spent several days in Orlando at my brother's soccer tournament, enjoying a relaxed time punctuated by rain, matches, and paterfamilias' occasional tantrums.  He and I nonetheless had several conversations that were at their best straightforward, heartfelt, and surprising.  We talked about life, the universe, and everything.  I think it was reassuring to him that I would make the trip for my brother and outline to him what preferences and plans I had.  Clarity is his favored virtue when dealing with us.  There were interludes of that quality devolving into pedantry and needless criticism, but nonetheless it was pleasant to get his honest opinion.  Too often it's masked by recusals or sudden criticism from another quarter of the conversation, things which are too common to note.

Regardless, I was more tired in the days afterwards when I had nothing to do than while I was living a busy and harried life.  Some things are truly beyond me.  I enjoyed, and then regretted, a few days' malaise before deciding to inject some activity back into life.  I finally finished books from the two doctors, and I succeeded in getting a hold of each as well as the Dean and arranging some lunches.  Even TC managed to carve out some time, through methods beyond human comprehension.

I spent a nice bit of time at Rice.  Most of what happened there was wildly entertaining, but only interesting to those there, who already know.  The propriety is also debatable. 

The best I compromise I can find between telling and germane is that while I was in Houston, two issues of the Rice Thresher were published.  I was quoted in both, anonymously for my own protection.
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